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    Early Settlement Figure Required
    09-10-21 , 11:54

    Hi just wondering if someone could give me my Early Settlement Figure please?

    Thanks Ethan
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    09-10-21 , 13:19

    Hi Ethan @EthanC095

    To get a settlement figure for your loan you can send a private message from here or call Tesco on 0345 600 6016 and they’ll confirm your early settlement payment amount.

    The settlement amount will include the early settlement fee of up to two months interest may apply and any interest rebate you’re due.

    Send a private message from here, Click on this link: https://yourcommunity.tescobank.com/...newpm&u=447614

    Complete it, click 'Submit Message' and this will send your message securely and privately.
    Please include your full name, date of birth and postcode along with your account details.

    You will receive a reply to your private message, with the appropriate response.

    Warm wishes, Caz @25H
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    12-10-21 , 10:04

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