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Getting Started

Get up and running in Your Community
Latest Topic - Terms of Service
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Announcements and updates from Tesco Bank
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Help & Support

Questions on our products & services? Get help from the crowd
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Comment & Off Topic

We'd love to hear more about you, and your views on Your Community and Tesco Bank
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Help with Monarch Airlines

We are aware that a number of our customers are affected by Monarch Airlines going into administration and we are working hard to support all customers affected. Credit and debit card customers who have booked flights with Monarch from 15th December 2016 onwards can usually file a request for a Chargeback in this instance. This means that if a service is not provided, the card transaction can be reversed and customers refunded. Customers who booked on or before 14th December 2016 will need to claim directly with ATOL or the CAA.
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Online Banking

Looking for a quick answer about Tesco Bank online banking? Search our FAQs, browse the forums or ask Your Community questions.
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Mobile Banking App

Need help with Tesco Bank mobile banking? Get all the support you need with Your Community and bring banking into the palm of your hand.
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Apple Pay

Latest Topic - Can I lock Apple Pay?
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Current Accounts

Find out everything you need to know about Tesco Bank Current Accounts. Your Community helps make your money go further with FAQs & Online Support.
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Travel Money

Thinking of going abroad? Got a question about Tesco Bank travel money? Your Community gives you help & online support to get your holiday started.
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Credit Cards

Your Community provides you with everything you need to know about Tesco Bank Credit Cards. Ask a question, comment, view FAQs and news.
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Your Community questions & answers help you get the most out of your Tesco Bank loan. Online support, ask questions, comment, read FAQs and more.
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Looking for a Mortgage with Tesco Bank? Your Community helps you on the path to your dream property with FAQs, online support and expert help.
Latest Topic - Who are LMS?
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Internet Saver

Your Community offers all the help and support you could need with your Tesco Bank Internet Saver. Read FAQs, comment & ask questions for expert advice.
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Instant Access Saver

Want to find out how to save with the flexibility of instant access when you need it? Visit Your Community for expert support, to view FAQs & post comments.
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Fixed Rate Saver

Looking to make the most of your money with a fixed rate saver? Your Community helps you understand the options with FAQs, discussions and online support.
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Cash ISA

Learn more about Cash ISAs with Your Community. Have a question or need help applying? Read the FAQs, post a comment & make your savings go further.
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Junior Cash ISA

Want to give your child the best start in life with a Tesco Bank Junior ISA? Follow these 3 steps with Your Community. 1. Join 2. View FAQs 3. Ask a Question.
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Personal Savings Allowance (PSA)

13 Posts ‎06-04-2016 06:40 AM

Clubcard Plus: Accounts will close from 13 October

Learn all about the benefits of Tesco Bank Clubcard Plus with Your Community. View FAQs, search topics, ask your own questions and receive online support.
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Standard Car Insurance

Looking for a quick answer about your car insurance? Search our FAQs and find Tesco Bank approved answers to your question right here.
Latest Topic - How do I change my car?
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Box Insurance

Got a question about Tesco Bank Box Insurance? Your Community is here to provide support, FAQs & news for new and existing young drivers.
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Home Insurance

Reassure yourself that your home and possessions are fully protected with Tesco Bank. Browse Your Community for Home Insurance answers, news & discussions.
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Pet Insurance

Tesco Bank helps more than just your pet. Your Community is here to provide peace of mind to you with answers, news and discussions about Pet Insurance.
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Travel Insurance

Need to get to know your Travel Insurance before your trip? We're sure Your Community will provide all the answers. If not, feel free to ask a question.
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Life Insurance

It pays to be in the know with Tesco Bank Life Insurance. Your Community provides verified answers to your questions. Search the FAQs, Topics & Discussions.
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Breakdown Cover

Want to learn more about Tesco Bank breakdown cover? Keep on the road with Your Community help & support. View the FAQs or ask your own question here.
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Drive + Reward Mobile App

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Latest Topic - What is Noddle?
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Financial Worries

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Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

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Tesco Pay+

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Third Party Providers

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