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Current Accounts

What information do I need to open a current account?

To open a current account, you must be 18 years old and need the following information:


  • your monthly net income after tax and deductions
  • monthly rent / mortgage payment, including what share of it you pay
  • occupation, employer's name and address and when you started this job
  • details of any other income you receive, for example pensions or benefits
  • your address information for the last three years
  • details of an existing bank account and how long you’ve been with your bank
  • the debit card number and a recent bank account statement for any current accounts you want to switch to us

If you’re applying for a joint account, you’ll need the same information above for the joint applicant.

Where possible we will verify your identity and proof of address electronically, however we may request additional supporting documentation as part of the account opening process. Below is a list of the documentation that we can accept if we do request additional information from you. Please note that the same document cannot be used to validate both your address and identity.


Acceptable Identity Documents
Certified Copies Only


Valid Residency Permit for Foreign Nationals

Valid EU National Identity Card (Photo Card Only)

Valid Driving Licence

Northern Ireland Electoral Identity Card/Voters Card

Original Documents Only Benefits Book or letter from Benefits Agency confirming your right to benefits


Acceptable Address Documents
Certified Copies Only

Valid Driving Licence

Original Documents Only

Mortgage Statement

Utility Bills/Statements

Local Authority Bill

Bank/ Credit Card or Building Society Statement

Benefits Book or letter from Benefits Agency confirming your right to benefits

Please note that the same document cannot be used to validate both your address and identity

Can I open a current account if I am retired ?

Hi @Potandbrush5716, yes you can apply for our Current Account if you're retired :)

Thanks for that.

I have a Tesco Mastercard which I have had for very many years. Does that make it easier to open a current account?

your address information for the last three years

i`m living in uk for 18 months

can i open a current account?

Hi @tionro, as long as you're considered a full time resident within the UK, you will be able to apply for a current account. I hope this information helps and you can find out more about our current accounts in the following link:

I'm just moved to UK July, but I have tier 2 visa since October.

Can I open an account? although, I don't have a previous address for last three years

Hi @bipolet, as long as you can provide three years address history, you can apply. The addresses don't need to be in the UK and you can change the "country" field in the application :-) I hope that helps, but please get back in touch if you have any other questions. 

I’ve applied for a current account online after doing this it immediately offered me an overdraft of upto £2500 A’s it said I am eligible for both the account and the overdraft to which I agreed to have one for £2500. After submitting my application it then said I need to send more info to them, which is my I.d and proof of address. My question is will I 100% get my current account and £2500 overdraft after I send my certified I.d off and they are happy with them or can they still say no to me? Online it does say I am eligible to an account and a overdraft so assume I’ve already passed a credit check. Is this so? And why do they require my I.d? What will that be used for? Thanks in advance 

Hi @Erev87, all applications may be subject to further checks and as you've mentioned we may require documentation in support of what you've mentioned during the application. If we didn't receive these, then we wouldn't be able to continue with the application. Any overdraft amount stated is provisional and may be subject to further checks meaning that the amount may differ than what is mentioned during the application. I hope this clarifies things for you.