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I want to cancel or amend my direct debit


To amend your direct debit you can do this through Online Banking or our Mobile App. You can amend the account details you wish the direct debit to be paid from or you can amend the monthly payment option. Options available are full outstanding statement balance, minimum payment, or another set amount each month.


You can cancel your direct debit via Online Banking and the Mobile App. Please ensure you make alternative arrangements for your payment. You can find out about other ways to pay your credit card in our existing FAQ.


Hi I’ve set up my direct debit and it says it will be taken on the 17th of each month, but this is the date the payment is due by. Will the direct debit be paid late as I can’t see how to change the date to earlier on in the month? Thanks 

Hi @k800klw no the payment won't be late. If your direct debit is set up to take the minimum payment or a fixed amount, then these will always be taken on the payment due date. Only the last statement balance is taken days beforehand. As long as there's funds in your account to cover your payment then it won't be late.



I've recently made a one off payment to my Tesco credit card. I understand that the direct debit will still come out of my bank for the amount I have set previously even though I have made this one off payment. I was under the impression that I could ring Tesco Bank Customer Services and put a hold on the direct debit for one month because I have already made at least the minimum payment before the date the direct debit is due to come out of my current account. I have done this in the past and had no problems. However, I have just spoken to one of your agents, who informs me that the only way I can stop the next direct debit is to either cancel it altogether with Tesco (and re set it up at a later date) or ask my own bank to put the direct debit on hold.

So, has the option of putting my direct debit on hold with you for a month if needed now gone for good?




Hello @stho1978, thanks for getting in touch. We were able to suspend your direct debit for up to 3 months in the past, however, this is no longer a service we offer. The information the advisor provided on the phone call would be the correct procedure if you don't want your direct debit to collect. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you - Caroline


I've been paying the full balance of my credit card each month by direct debit. The payment date is the 15th of the month, but you always take the payment at least 6 days before hand. Why is this?


Hi Yertiz, thanks for that question. The Direct Debit is taken early to allow time for the payment to clear so that no interest will be charged on the account. It also gives customer's a little more time to make an alternative payment incase there are not enough funds in their account for the direct debit to collect the full balance, as this can sometimes be a very high amount. I hope that helps! - Kevin