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I’m struggling to pay my credit card or loan due to COVID-19, can you help?

If you have a Tesco Bank Loan:
For a Loans payment break, you'll need to complete our online form. You’ll need your loan account number and sort code which can be found on your annual statement, your original loan documentation, in Online Banking or our Mobile Banking App.
Apply for a Loans payment break

If you have a Tesco Bank Credit Card:
For a Credit Card payment break, you'll need to complete our online form. You'll need the 16 digit number on the front of your card.
Apply for a Credit Card payment break


I dont have access to a printer to print off the covid 19 form to get help with payments. How else can I let you know I need help. My payments are due to go out early april.

Hi @Kassam83, you can fill out the form on your computer / phone / tablet and email it to us using the email at the top of the form. Let me know if you need some help with this 🙂 

My balance transfer introduction period ends in April. I am out of work and partner lost job due to corona virus. I am really worried that the intrest added is going to cripple us financially. Can you advise any help 

Will any 0% promotional offer be affected, if deferring the payments?

Hi @Weemc1971, your 0% rate will come to an end on it's normal date and we are offering a 2 month payment holiday to those affected by COVID-19. So interest will apply as normal but no payment will be required for those 2 months. You can use the form from the original post and once you have your automated confirmation email, this may go into your junk, you can cancel your Direct Debit/s

Hi @Phillipsmw, your 0% rates will not be affected in any way and this includes the end date for them, this will remain the same

My concern is the intrest that will be added as my end date is 04/04/2020

I understand this will be worrying if you aren't able to make alternative arrangements for the balance. However, we are not extending 0% rates at this time as relieving the requirement of payment will better enable us to help those whose income has been directly impacted by COVID-19 

I come under that catagory and am unable to make any payment ay the moment. This will just throw me into an unmanageable debt

Please send us the form above so we can place a 2 month payment holiday on your account. This will mean you don't need to make any payment towards your balance for the next two months and you can cancel your Direct Debit once you have your confirmation email