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Security and fraud

Staying secure

Please be aware that criminals are using the publicity around COVID-19 as a chance to pose as a genuine organisation, including banks, police officers, government, the World Health Organisation or other health service providers.

Tesco Bank, the police or any other government body will never ask any customer to divulge any security information, including any PIN numbers or Online Banking credentials. Customers will never be asked to move money into a safe account for protection and if there has been any unusual activity on your account please report this as soon as possible.

For further information on protecting yourself visit Take Five or go to the Security and Fraud pages on our website.



I can concurr with the above although in my case not until i have been severlly stung. I think that on-line sights should state that underno circumstances will you be asked to move money or asked for security data.


I was trapped the other week starting by an e-mail from the TV board (Or at least that was what i thought) it turned out to be a scam asking for a new direct debit to be set up. They took funds and i reported it with the bank saying they would call back in a few days. I got a call as i was expecting and the callers new what fraud had taken place and asked security questions etc and then proceded to get access to my bank account and Credit cards and in some cases they paused saying they were calling associated banks to inform then of the fraud but they were actually defrauding me by spending credit and getting me to transfer funds.


I must reiterate that since lockdown due to Covid19 fraud is massively on the increase and you must be on guard. Never give details or move money. If unsure put the phone down and call the customer service line to confirm the contact. if it is genuine they will transfer you. The scammers have a tool that allows you to see a fake number on your phone so this is not proof they are who they say they are.


The bank will:

Never ask you to move funds

Never ask for PW or other personnal data such as unique reference etc

Never ask for details of other associated bank accounts 

Never ask you to move money from saving accounts to current account and move


Always if unsure stop the call and confirm contact with customer services


If you are scammed then contact customer services as soon as possible (Not easy at the moment) inform police and fill in report for action fraud on line. other avenues down the line are ombudsman and citizens advice plus victim support services


Stay safe and beware these people do not care it is all about money


Banks should pre-empt by advertising an alert when logging on via phone or on line with "we will never ever ask you to move funds or ask for security information like password or PIN" 


Hope the above will help and even stop this happening to others