It’s been an extraordinary few months for everyone – April was the busiest month we’ve ever seen in The Community. Though we haven’t broken those records in May, we’ve had the highest ever number of members logging in. It’s great to see so many of you coming back to visit us.

​​​​​​​Before we get on to the all-important winners, we’ve got some good news to share about the trial. It’s been so successful; we’re going to extend it for a further three months. So now even more of you have a chance to win some Clubcard points and community kudos. The terms and conditions of the trial are just the same as before, and future rewards are subject to change. Check out the updated T&Cs for everything you need to know.
Now for our May winners… we’re delighted to have 47 users to reward and over 24,000 points to give away.

Badge winners
We have 43 badge winners, some of you receiving multiple prizes with the sheer number of badges you’ve earned! Each prize is between 150 - 500 points. Our May winners are – @Battlingsiki @DHA40 @Danielchantler @Sheena1975 @DCW118 @pablo65 @matskevin @Chris172 @Silverfox @CSKBrambles @25H @al-206 @flying-sparky @samcat @EF81 @Daveymac @cornel99 @Simplesimonq @cathy63 @waynerhodes @excelsior @Bramble @Jmahone @nvt @mgoswami @KHalla @101060 @TARIQ1973 @rhpdmp @PaganPrincess68 @MazeRAC356 @kidieuan @Jennywarrick1 @mel272 @TCV @Dad240312 @Erinaislinn17 @Maude @Giggles @ourponds @MumTwin50 @Dottieslass @pegerton @Julie2910 @cathy63

Top contributors

There are three winners we want to recognise @Scooter @Grandmaswagg1 and @Julie2910, each receiving 1000 points. Thanks for all you’ve done during your regular visits. You’ve helped 16 users between you this month and started some great conversations. We hope to see this continue.

Most valuable posters

There are 3 winners who’ve stood out over the trial period @25H @heanor_man_34 @CSKBrambles and this month they each earn 2500 Clubcard points. In May it’s fair to say you’ve smashed your previous months performances. Between you, that’s a grand total of 347 visits, 188 replies and 20 solutions authored – almost half of the total activity we saw in The Community last month. Your support is invaluable we want to say thanks once again from everyone here.

How to collect your Clubcard points

If you’re a winner, congratulations. To collect your Clubcard points, please sign-in and send us a private message using this link to our private account @Tesco-Bank.
Just click on the blue button next to 'Inbox' and send us your Tesco Clubcard account number and full address (including postcode) within the next 30 days. We’ll then arrange for your prize Clubcard points to be credited to your account within 60 days.
We’d love to hear from our winners – do you have plans for your using your Clubcard points? Let us know in the comments below.