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    24-05-21 , 05:37

    Hope this feedback for this feature gets considered soon. Enjoy using the Tesco Credit Card. Thanks.
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    24-05-21 , 08:26

    Thanks for your message @jainvikas8, I've added on your comments as feedback today :)
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    24-05-21 , 10:47

    Quote Originally Posted by threejay View Post
    The only feasible and semi-convenient solution is to use Curve as an intermediary card. Perhaps surprisingly, Barclays Bank also doesn't support Google Pay (although they do support Apple Pay). In order to enable contactless payments with these banks, I've registered the relevant cards in the Curve app and then add Curve's own card into Google Pay. Although a bit convoluted it works like a charm.

    One of two snags, which may or may not be an issue for you but it's important people are aware: I believe you lose your Section 75 protection if you use your (any) credit card through Curve. This is because your transaction with the retailer is through the Curve debit Mastercard, not your credit card. Debit cards don't come with Section 75 protection.

    Also, you might not get any Tesco Clubcard points that you would get if you used the credit card directly. I say 'might' because I get conflicting information from different Tesco employees, and I haven't tried it, mainly because I don't have a Tesco credit card myself, and am an ApplePay user, anyway.
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    15-06-21 , 13:52

    Let put it like that in 2021 Tesco Bank still favor Apple users and not android users. I bet if they use android pay they might get more customers because they are shooting them self in the foot a bit.
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