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    Well Done Tesco Clubpoints
    02-05-20 , 06:43

    Thought I would say something positive and congratulate Tesco Customer Services! Just before Lockdown I swapped a lot of Tesco Points for a lot of Reward Vouchers and have been worried the family wouldn’t be able to use them before the expiry date. Then out of the blue Tesco emailed me with new vouchers expiring next year! End of worry and well done to Tesco . I know the business gets a lot of flack but I don’t think enough is made of the Reward Points (yes, I know they have reduced in value recently ) They are still a great perk and they are FREE . So a hand clap for Tesco Reward Points team!
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    Re: Well Done Tesco Clubpoints
    02-05-20 , 07:13

    Hi Good to hear some great positive news.I feel Tesco have gone way beyond what could've been expected of them.Enjoy the voucher's when all this is over.
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    Re: Well Done Tesco Clubpoints
    02-05-20 , 08:29

    Great to hear ! i reckon we all need some reward once this virus is dealt with, well done Tesco.
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    Re: Well Done Tesco Clubpoints
    21-05-20 , 00:52

    have to agree they have done good on that one, due to a very reduced income, I do not collect as many points as I used to, but have had a few meals, coach and train rides and even tickets for Chessington over the years.
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