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    I use a couple of apps which use "open banking", whcih is available where you have an account which can be managed online (such as my Tesco current account). The ones I use principally are Chip and Yolt but there are now lots of apps out there which use open banking. These apps have great difficulty logging into my Tesco account. They repeatedly fail to connect or ask for log-in details which then don't work when they try to connect with Tesco. Tesco keep sending me one time passcodes by text, even when I'm not trying to log in to an app, but when I put them in they never work. I do not have this issue with other accounts (such as Santander). Does anyone else have this problem or a solution or know why Tesco Bank in particular seems to be beset by these problems when other banks are not? This is the first time I have posted here so thank you very much in advance for any suggestions you might have. Many thanks
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    Hi , thanks for getting in touch. I've attached a link which should answer your query and give you more information on this. I hope this helps! :-)
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    Thanks, Tesco-Bank.

    I was perhaps too narrow in referring to open banking. Open banking is a UK regulatory initiative. Only a few of the largest banks were part of open banking initially. More will join and your link says Tesco Bank will join later this year.

    However, similar rules which let TPP’s access a customer’s online account have now been in place for over a year (since January 2018) under PSD.

    I referred to open banking meaning access to accounts generally, including under the current PSD rules.

    Your post on open banking was very interesting but doesn’t tell me why my TPPs and I cannot currently connect to my Tesco account as we should be able to under PSD. This is a problem which only affects my Tesco account and not others (including accounts at banks which are not currently signed up to open banking).


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    I'm sorry for any confusion. Open banking is the initiative that allows Third Party Providers (TPPs) to access accounts that are available online or by mobile through other banks and building societies that are members of Open Banking. We're not supporting this currently, however, we will be later in the year. Once this happens, you should have no further issues with this. I hope this clarifies things for you.
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    Hi , I wanted to reach out to you to offer an update. We will be making our API available to Third Party Providers (TPP) from the 14/06/2019. Should you wish to access your Tesco Bank product through the TPP then please contact them to let them know. You can read more about open banking in the below link. I hope this helps.
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    Thank you for the update. Hopefully, once your API is available these issues will decrease or go away. At the moment, I still have these issues. Whilst I realise that Tesco Bank was not initially signed up to Open Banking, there is still the ability to access my account through a TPP under PSD2 (not Open Banking) and this is currently very hit and miss - I am constantly being sent OTP or have issues connecting even thought I do not have these issues with other banks.
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    We are aware that a One Time Access Code (OTAC) is required to access the account currently on each login attempt. We’re working with Third Party Providers to resolve this as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience.
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    Hi, Is there any update to this, please? Today I received an email from Chip, a savings app, saying that they would no longer support Tesco Bank "because Tesco Bank doesn't support Open Banking." They go on to say that the issue "is beyond our control and we need Tesco Bank to make technical changes on their side." Their suggestion is that I change current account provider to a bank that fully supports Open Banking. Is there nothing we can do to resolve this? Thanks, Spinner
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    Hi , there isn't much more we'd be able to do here, I'm afraid. Apologies for any inconvenience - Keigan
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    Does that mean Tesco Bank are not intending to support fully the Open Banking initiative?