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    Verified by visa login details
    06-02-19 , 20:21

    I have registered for Tesco mastercard verification already. However, I dont know my login details and password because I only ever use this when shopping for Groceries, its practically the only time I use the card. I am now getting a message to ensure my details are correct as I may be sent a code via phone to enter when paying for my groceries. How do I go about finding my details??? Can't find anything useful here. I know Tesco Mastercard do actually have my phone number cos they have phoned me before, but I would like to know just for my own records.
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    Best Answer Re: Verified by visa login details
    07-02-19 , 20:31

    Hi there! You can check the information we have on file for you using your online banking, and this will include your mobile number. If you're unable to receive a text message to log in to your MasterCard Secure then please give us a call on 0345 300 4278 and my colleagues will be able to help.
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