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    Late fee
    10-10-18 , 13:04

    I opened a credit card account recently and the first direct debit payment was due to be taken on the 7th oct (£30) i was horrified the realise the payment wasnt taken after recieving a text today, iv been into my account to make the payment straightaway when iv looked into my direct debit details tesco havent set them up, iv been charged a late fee of £12 yesterday, iv looked into what happens when a payment is missed and it says it will now effect my credit rating and any promo offers i have are not valid, i just need someone the clearify with me 1. Are tesco supposed to set up the direct debit as iv never set one up myself with other providers?2.Will this 100% effect my credit rating as im applying for a remorgage within the next 3 months?3.Is my 0% interest for 32 months still applied to my account. Sorry if this seems like a million questions but this had really worried me, it seems a lot of hassle for a little mistake. Thanks Rhianp
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    Re: Late fee
    11-10-18 , 19:14

    Hi , I'm sorry to hear this. You will have the option to set up the direct debit during the application, or you can set this up anytime after via your online banking or by giving us a call. This may affect your credit rating and your 0% period although this will vary between circumstances. We have replied to your private message regarding this. I hope this helps.
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    Re: Late fee
    11-10-18 , 20:21

    Good evening, In addition to advice sometimes it can take time for the Direct Debit request to be set up; it's not the same for every lender but it's something I've been made aware of in the past elsewhere. I hope you manage to keep your promotional rate.
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