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    I can't get through to a customer service agent when I call
    27-02-18 , 21:24

    So this 24/7 telephone number that has nobody to speak to 24/7 .. how am I supposed to get the answers I need .. its not manned 24/7 is it .. just automated 24/7, so what times is the number manned so that I can actually speak to somebody without having to go through every menu just to find out every menu is automated ? I want to find out what the conditions are for a money transfer. p.s. how about saying at the beginning of the automated messages that the phone lines are closed and only automated service is available at specific times, and how about having a direct option to speak to somebody.
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    Re: I can't get through to a customer service agent when I call
    28-02-18 , 09:32

    Hi , I'm sorry to hear that you've had issues calling us. We do have an automated service on all our phone lines, this is to help direct your call to the right department. Our Credit Card team are definitely available on 0345 300 4278 24/7, however if your account is currently in arrears or you need to speak to our Security or Disputes team, it may say that you need to call back during their opening hours.

    I hope you've been able to speak to us since messaging!
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    17-10-20 , 16:00

    What is the point of Tesco supplying numbers to call when they are not prepared to invest in employing anything like enough call handlers. Yet again empty words around customer service when profit drives everything. I have been sat here for 30 minutes waiting while paying on my phone bill. I don’t want anyone from Tesco to reply unless it is to say you are expanding your customer service team.
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    20-10-20 , 08:56

    Hey @Rchad - thanks for the message and I'm sorry to see how frustrated you are. I will pass this to the Operations team but can I ask, did you get your query sorted? I know you said not to message unless it's about recruitment but I would like to make sure your issue has been resolved. If t's not, I will do my best to try and help you.
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