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    Went over my credit card limit by accident.
    14-01-18 , 22:17

    I am going to Florida with my best friends in November and we booked one night in a fancier hotel on booking.com and I thought I just needed my card to secure the booking, as it said free cancelation as long as you cancel 5 days before. So I had the shock of my life tonight when I was going to put some money on my credit card, like I do most weeks, and seen the hotel had taken full payment and put me over my limit!! I have never went over my limit and I am very careful of that and I check my app most days. I have been goggling like crazy to see what will happen and I am so worried about how much I will be charged and how it wil affect my credit score! :(
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    Re: Went over my credit card limit by accident.
    15-01-18 , 18:14

    I can't comment on what your posting about, but just some advice for the future. Credit card providers get jittery if you use more than half your credit limit, because it demonstrates to them that you are reliant on credit instead of your actual money and more likely to not pay back in full. For example, if you have a £1,200 credit limit, I wouldn't ever use more than £600 per statement month. They like it when they can see that your not using more than half as it shows you are more responsible with your money. You'd be better off getting a second credit card, and using up to half of that limit, that why you're not maxing out on one credit card, yet still able to use just as much as one credit card spread across two.
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    Re: Went over my credit card limit by accident.
    16-01-18 , 12:21

    Hi , I'm sorry to hear that. So we can check your account and discuss this in further detail can you give our team a call on 0345 300 4278 (24/7). However, usually you would receive a £12 fee for going over your agreed credit limit.
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    Re: Went over my credit card limit by accident.
    26-04-20 , 17:15

    Tesco will also report you to the credit reference agencies and this will effect your credit score quite dramatically
    Speaking from Experience, I have recently (during covid19 lockdown) gone over my limit by £2.00 yes 2 pounds, FOR ONLY 24 hours, they’ve charged me
    For this and reported me
    To the credit reference agencies and my score dropped by 105 points
    Absolutely raging, it’s had an adverse effect on a mortgage application and they don’t give a damn
    I use the card to pay at pump For fuel every day, I transfer money through online banking, I had some balance from a purchase which I was paying off, but somehow because it took a day to receive my payment through online banking, they’ve crippled me, and that’s a house purchase gone, lost!! I called them and they say they won’t be able to reverse it, even though it happened during covid lockdown and they’re offering people 3 months repayment holidays and I have a clear unblemished record prior to this, they have ruined my life and simply don’t care
    I’m distraught and devastated
    Why let me go over by £2.00 other than to be able to charge for it, me and Tesco parting company and social media will be getting the whole thing, I hope people
    Will be very careful before taking a credit card from Tesco
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    Re: Went over my credit card limit by accident.
    27-04-20 , 07:30

    Hi , I'm sorry to hear about what's happened. Can you please send us over a private message to Tesco-Bank confirming your full name, DOB and postcode? I'll then be able to look into this for you.
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