Contactless and Apple Pay

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    Having requested a new card specifically to get the new contactless card; it has arrived and is not contactless. After speaking to customer services it seems that anyone on "old" products (in my case a Finest credit card, which apparently isn't offered any more) are not part of the upgrade. They may or may not get round to old produts after doing the current ones - there's no information available. Very annoying.
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    I’m happy to announce that all of our Credit Cards* issued from now will have contactless capability. Outside of renewal, replacements can be requested via Online Banking. Log-in and go to Manage your account and you will see an option for Get a replacement card.

    @DuncanLthere are no plans to make the other cards contactless I'm afraid.

    *Not Business, Irish or Visa Credit Cards.
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    Still no sign of Apple Pay for current accounts :( poor
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    So if I now request a replacement card it will be contactless? I don't want to mess about getting a replacement (my current card is only a few months old) and it turn up not contactless. For reference, it's a Mastercard Creditcard. Thanks.
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    Yes  the replacement will be contactless :smileyvery-happy:
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    You did not say that Contactless would be forced on Customers. Today I was sent a new card with contactless. It "replaced" a card with 2 years left to run. I have just been told that non-contactless option is no longer available.Yet most other banks give customers a choice.[#Note: I see that Business Customers can still have non-contactless .....] It's really frustrating that a few people fall for the latest whizzy "upgrade" without thinking of the downside - encouraging the banks to impose a less secure payments system on everyone else. 1) Do people really want several unauthorised debits of up to £29.99 before any security check is made? 2) What do Insurance companies say about "leaving your door unlocked"? How is a contactless card different? 3) Do people think that remote-cloning of cards is far-fetched? (see some YouTube videos) 4) When the banks say "frauds will be refunded", do people think that the 30 minutes (probably more) of cross-examination is worth all of those savings of 2-3 seconds to enter a PIN? 5) Do people mind if the "wrong" card (account) is debited - possibly leading to overdraft charges ? see next:> 6) Every day Transport for London warns passengers to "avoid card-clash" by separating their Oyster (travel) card from their contactless bank card. So clearly contactless has issues ! Personally I want peace of mind that all payments have been consciously authorised - and no possibility of the wrong card being debited. So now the Tesco card will stay at home with my one other contactless card.[ Eventually I might see if I can disable the card's "aerial". But that's for another day ....]
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    I have a Tesco Finest World Mastercard, can this be a contactless card as well?
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    Hi @Phil

    You can indeed get a contactless card! You can order a replacement online via your online banking and a new card will be with you within 5 - 7 days :)
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    My replacement "Tesco Finest World Mastercard" arrived this month and it is still not contactless... I only use it as a back up now to my AmEx since the Clubcard points were slashed but it's still rather inconvenient.
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    More than 6 months has passed since this thread started and there's still no news on Apple Pay for Current Account customers. What's going on? Apple Pay launched in July 2015 and soon after you said you were looking to support it in early 2016. Not long now until the year is up - is it still coming this year?