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    Tesco Bank App, why fingerprint authentication?
    25-06-21 , 05:40

    Hi guys,

    This topic is based user experience of Tesco Banking app on Android, got to ask why enable fingerprint authentication when the user is always asked to enter the passcode?

    It's a unfriendly user experience, when you authenticate by fingerprint + passcode everytime you login to the app, when you can just use the passcode?

    I have seen other banks app do the opposite way.

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    Best Answer
    28-06-21 , 08:51

    @jainvikas8 If you have Touch ID enabled then you should just be asked to present your fingerprint to login to the app. You should only be asked to confirm additional security, such as your passcode, if the fingerprint presented is not recognised or if you press 'Cancel'. Could you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if this continues to occur after you've set everything back up? If you're still having issues then please let me know.
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    25-06-21 , 11:09

    Hi @jainvikas8, sorry about that. Are you being asked to enter the passcode every time you log in using Touch ID?

    You can then enable or disable Touch ID at any time by using Touch ID in the app help menu. This can be found by clicking on the menu in the top right hand corner of the mobile banking app once you are signed in.
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    26-06-21 , 18:55

    Yes, I've been asked for passcode everytime when logging in by touch ID/ fingerprint. Is it suppose to do that?
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    29-06-21 , 10:57

    Hey @jainvikas8 , just wondered how you are getting on? Did @RobbieT 's suggestion solve the issue? Let us know :)

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