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    06-01-21 , 17:04

    Hi all,

    I see that the app has been updated today (on iOS at least, I’m sure Android won’t be far behind). This addresses some of the issues raised in this thread. You can now see more transactions on the screen like with the old version of the app, and credit card transactions are once again divided into sections by statement.

    Hope that’s useful information, definitely worth giving the updated version a try! Instant credit card transaction notifications were recently added too which I personally am finding very useful.
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    08-01-21 , 17:04

    This is great @crb227 , we do try to take all feedback on board and I will let the app team know your comments!
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    19-01-21 , 09:18

    Thanks @crb227 for the positive feedback. The team are also hard at work to bring back search and sort back for an upcoming release. Once we have this back in we are hoping we have managed to address the vast majority of the negative reviews.
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