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Standard Car Insurance

Why is my Car Insurance policy being automatically renewed?

If you don’t want to renew, please download and complete the form below and email it to

Request to lapse my renewal form

We recommend using a laptop or PC to do this. If you are using your mobile, you will need to save the form to your files before completing the fields and emailing it.
If you do need to make a change or would like to discuss your renewal, please contact us.

When your policy automatically renews payment will be taken from the last card we hold on file.

If you pay monthly we’ll continue to collect payment from the same account, on your preferred payment date.

If you are not the card or bank account holder you must inform the card or bank account holder of the amount and ensure they have agreed to make the payment(s). 

We will send your renewal pack within 3 weeks of your renewal date. Your renewal pack will contain details of your cover, price and any changes to the terms and conditions.

At renewal this may include placing your policy with a different car insurer from our selected range of providers. If we do this we will let you know in your renewal pack.

If you don’t want to renew your policy or any of your details have changed we need you to contact us before your renewal date.

This answer specifically relates to Tesco Bank Car Insurance. For an answer relating to Tesco

Bank Box Insurance please select the Box Insurance FAQ category or try using the search box at the top.


Why has my insurance gone up? I can get it cheeper else where. The phone system is a joke, there's no need to be on hold for so long.......

Thanks for your message and welcome to Your Community macsgretsch.


I'm sorry to hear that your insurance has increased, we do have a team who can explain why this has happened, apologies that you haven't been able to speak to an advisor.


I appreciate you've already tried to call, again if you don't wish to renew please call 0345 2462895 or 0113 820 9990 from a mobile. Our opening hours are 08:00-21:00 Mon-Fri and 09:00-17:00 Sat/Sun.




I don't understand why my renewal price is so much higher than I was paying when nothing has changed...

Also when i checked on a compare site it, Tesco bank plus came up for me half the price of my renewal!

This really doesn't make sense at all, just extremely frustrating having to cancel my renewal to then apply back to you again! Surely you can sort this out better?

Hi @Cbfl2018, thanks for your message. This can happen, occasionally, if a different underwriter quotes online. If all of the details on the new quote are the same, we will match the lower price for you. If you call our renewal team they can check this for you. Our number is 0345 2462895 or 0113 8209990 from a mobile and the opening hours are 08:00-21:00 Mon-Fri & 09:00-17:00 Sat-Sun - Caroline

the last year : monthly £68 or annual £712 New :Your quote Monthly quote payment details 11 monthly payments of£70.55 or annual £827.86 Renewal of: £89.35 or annual £953.91



I can not understand anything!
I hope you're kidding me

Hi @linkestis, thanks for getting in touch. If you send us a message with your name, DOB postcode and policy number along with some more information about your query, we'll have a look into this for you.