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Standard Car Insurance

Can I drive my car abroad?

You can take your car on holiday within the EU without letting us know for up to 90 days in any policy year. All drivers must be permanently named on the policy and must be permanent residents in the UK. This means that any temporary additional drivers are not eligible to drive your car abroad.

If you exceed 90 days, then your cover will reduce to minimum foreign use cover required by law in the country in which you are driving.

Foreign use cover is not provided for any car driven under a customer’s ‘driving other cars’ extension. Cover in these circumstances is restricted to the geographical limits of the policy (Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands). For more information, please see your policy booklet.

For more information on Brexit and driving abroad, please visit here.

Please note this applies to policies underwritten by Tesco Underwriting. If you have a different underwriter, please contact us to confirm the levels of cover.

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