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Open Banking and Third Party Providers

How do I keep my accounts secure if I choose to use a TPP?

With the changes in the law, you may be offered new financial services to give you more choice and control over your finances. This could be with your bank or another Payment Service Provider, but will require you to share your Tesco Bank online banking security details.


These services are designed to help you with your finances, but before choosing to use them, make sure that you understand the service and that you are happy with who will be providing it to you.

Remember, if you share your online banking security details with a TPP:


1.Both AISPs and PISPs will be able to see and access all the accounts that appear on online banking, not just the ones you give consent for.


2.We will treat all instructions as you having given consent for the TPP to act on your behalf, so inform us if you believe your details have been compromised and contact us immediately if you have any concerns.


3.Tesco Bank will have no control over how your data is used, which is why you must ensure you only ever deal with authorised TPPs.


4.Both AISPs and PISPs will have access to your accounts to act on your behalf. If you wish to stop using a service, you will need to update your security details with us.


For further information on how to keep your accounts secure, visit