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How do I change between Passcode and Password?

Go to your app settings which can be found on the top right handside and slide the Passcode option to Password. You will need to re-enter some additional security information to complete this process.


You can slide this back at any time if you want to create a new Passcode.


hi, i have tesco mobile bank app on android. I am always getting an incorrect password notification, everytime i input my correct password. it then tells me the app has been locked and have to login to online banking. i continue to do so and reset my password via desktop. i then try again in mobile banking and says its incorrect, when i know 100% ive input it correctly.

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with our Android App @m2007


Are you able to check the date and time settings on your phone and make sure these are set to automatic? If the date and time have been set manually this is known to cause some issues with the functionality of the App on your mobile device. If the issue still persists, please send a private message with your full name, date of birth and postcode to @Tesco-Bank 


When sending details to @Tesco-Bank  please leave a space between your personal information - otherwise the system will now allow us to see it. For example: DOB 1 8 0 1 9 7 and postcode A B 1 2 3 C D