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Do you offer payment holidays or payment breaks once my repayments have started?

Usually payment holidays is not something we offer, however if you have been impacted by COVID-19 then please see our website for more information on how to apply for a payment holiday.  

We’re doing everything we can to help and support customers who have been affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Read our latest customer update for more details.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please visit our website for more information.

More information on debt consolidation can be found here.


I am looking for a payment holiday due to the Corona Virus

Hi @Tesco202049, thank you for getting in touch. I’m really sorry to hear about what’s happened. I've shared a link below with some information and this contains a form to delay your next 2 monthly payments.

Hello, I have a loan with Tesco bank and I would like to access my account but seems like my details are not recognised, I can’t look at my account and I really need to see my balance.


Hi @Realnutter, when you are trying to register can you make sure you're entering your unique loan sort code and account number and not that of your personal bank details?


This is a common mistake which will show the message that your details aren't recognised.

I requested a COVID-19 payment break and have now received an email telling me that it is in place. Do I have to cancel the direct debit, or not? Thanks

Hey @kevin1961, thanks for getting in touch. Your payment break request will cover your next 3 payments, so there is no need to cancel the direct debit. However, if you'd prefer, for peace of mind, then you can absolutely do so - Chris 

@Tesco-Bank i sent a private message, i havent had any information about my payment holiday being accepted ive cancelled dd as advised by automated email at time of application and now had a letter to say ive missed payment and debt maybe passed on to debt collection we have never missed a loan payment and only cancelled dd on your advice.


any information would be really good, like i said ive posted a private message  

Hi there, sorry to hear this! I have replied to your private message now. Please double check that and let me know if you have any more questions - Christina

Hi, I've been made redundant and struggling terribly with my finances, I've tried ringing day after day to speak to someone with no luck. I'm trying to set up online banking but it says it doesn't recognize my personal details, yet I've already got an existing loan that I'm struggling to make payments too. Please can you help?

Hi Neil, I'm really sorry to hear that. Could you please send us a private message to Tesco-Bank and we can help you with this? Please also include your full name, DOB and postcode - Christina