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Instant Access Savings Account

How do I take money out of my Instant Access Savings Account?

You can move money out of your account by either:


Tesco Bank Online Banking or via the Mobile App - you can move up to £10,000 a day to a non Tesco Bank linked account in your own name and up to £100,000 a day to other Tesco Bank accounts in your own name


At any Tesco or LINK cash machine - you can withdraw up to £300 a day using your Instant Access Savings Account card and PIN


In Tesco stores - use your Instant Access Savings Account card to withdraw up to £500 a day at the Customer Service Desk in selected Tesco stores in the UK (for availability please see Banking in Tesco Stores)


Tesco Bank Telephone Banking - call us on 0345 678 5678* to withdraw larger amounts.


Maximum daily withdrawal limits may change from time to time. We will notify you of this should they be changed.


Calls may be recorded. *This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.




I have one of these new accounts, but it seems to not be fully operational. I am able to transfer funds into the account, online and on the mobile app, but cannot take funds out of the account! It has been a week now and I'm still waiting.


I have opened this account online, as an updated account to the old savings account I had, whose interest rate just dropped, and transferred the funds from the old account to the new. 

This happened the last time too, as I have had this account and a current account, for 2 years now, but last time it was sorted out within 2 days after I called them and they 'activated' it.


This answer above doesn't fully answer the question: how an when do I get access to my funds?

Hi @Lezduur, can you see this account online with others or is it displayed on its own? The reason I ask is because it may have opened, treating you as a new customer instead of an existing one and we would possibly then need further documentation from you before you were able to transfer funds out of the account.
If you’re still unable to transfer your funds please send your name, DOB and postcode to @Tesco-Bank, leaving a space between each character of your personal details.

Hi Nick,

I can see the account along with the others.

Update, yesterday it suddenly turned fully operational- I could finally withdraw ie transfer funds out of my account. This is seven days later.
I have noticed this before as well, as I have mentioned above.
The fact that this 'process' takes seven days is a concern.
However I am happy with the service and just need to remember this process for next time, which will be same time next year.

I have the same issue as the OP. My new savings account shows up online with my other accounts, so you know me as an existing customer, but any attempt to transfer money back out of my savings account fails. I cannot even transfer it to my Tesco curent account. What is the normal waiting time before money can be transferred out?

Hi @TruroMoon generally this is completed within a few working days when we already hold your signature on file. 


Can I check if your account is now allowing you to do this? If you’re still unable to transfer your funds please send your name, DOB and postcode to @Tesco-Bank, leaving a space between each character of your personal details




I spoke to someone at the call centre, he said it should work tomorrow....

If not I'll do as you suggest above.

Still not working, I have PM'd as suggested above. I cannot afford the effective loss of this money, which Tesco has locked away from me for nearly a week!

I can see my colleagues have since responded to your message via our CustomerSupport account and happy that all is now resolved 🙂 @TruroMoon

I have just opened up an Instant Access Saver Acoount. I can transfer money in, but it does not let me move money out into the same linked account. How can I transfer money out online?


You can call Tesco to activate your account after answering the security questions..they will be able to help with accessing funds transferred into the newly opened instant savings account