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Contactless Credit Card

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Contactless Credit Card

Hi - can you confirm a date for when you'll have contactless credit cards. It's all good and well having Apple Pay but contactless has been around ages and you are way behind your competitiors.
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Re: Contactless Credit Card

Hi Mr Tesco, I'd like to ask the same question please. When will the Tesco credit card allow contactless payment? Many thanks, Mat
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Re: Contactless Credit Card

Hi @Stannardmc & @Power100, I'm really sorry we don't have a date just yet for when contactless will be available on our Credit Cards. It will be available this year and we will let our customes know when we have more information. 

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Re: Contactless Credit Card

Why can`t we get a date ? You do realise that tesco are way behind the curve on this one ? No contactless, reduced clubcard points on spending -  i`m finding it increasingly hard to stay with tesco for my credit card.


Re: Contactless Credit Card

I'm really sorry we can't provide a date at the moment @dddalal. I understand this isn't the response you're hoping for, however, as soon as we have an update we will be sure to let our customers know.

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Re: Contactless Credit Card > make it voluntary

OK - someone has to resist contactless !


Please do NOT force contactless on customers. Make contactless optional.


Most banks will provide the safe (i.e. non-contactless) option.

For the bank that refuses, I leave the contactless card at home.


I should not have to justify my preference - but because of the relentless push by banks, I feel I must.



Why should ANY payment be debited without my personal permission - i.e. with a PIN (or other security request)?


Why should this happen several times in one day ? ...

.... meaning that a thief can take several amounts under £20 - soon to be £30 apparently !


Noting frequent mentions of London's Oyster .... the maximum I can lose on Oyster is around £10 ... so why would I risk losing multiples of that with contactless ?


Banks tell us that they will refund fraudulent transactions.

I do not believe they would refund without extensive checks. Why risk an hour or more of hassle for a couple of seconds at a checkout ?


Then there are the mistaken transactions (which contactless pushers have denied).

- the wrong card being debited leading to;

a) an unplanned overdraft charge or

b) a second debit on the preferred card


If these are so rare (as banks claim) - why does TfL have frequent announcements about Oyster, "..... avoid card clash"?



Lastly, I do not seek to convert those who do want contactless .... just allow customers the choice.

Thank you


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Re: Contactless Credit Card > make it voluntary

Hello there.


First and foremost. Every now and again Contactless Transactions require entry of your PIN for security purposes. The limit is capped at £30.00 per transaction.


In terms of TfL "card clash" is when you place your Wallet/Purse on the Oyster reader and there's more than one NFC capable card "presented" for payment.


Whilst it's not always convenient to open your Wallet/Purse to dig out your card of choice that's what I used to do (before Apple Pay) to make sure it wasn't a card with no credit available.


Most banks will send customers out a non-contactless card if they so wish; and whilst I wouldn't want to 'convert' anyone who doesn't wish to use the service it's not bad as it's made out to be.

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Contactless Creditcard.

Good Morning


Can you please tell me when you are going to issue contactless creditcards?


Regards Sue

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Re: Contactless Credit Card

Hi, we've firmed up the date for having contactless available for credit cards, see here: News - Contactless & Apple Pay 


I'm going to lock this thread, any new replies should be made on the News post thanks, Jamie.