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Fixed Rate Saver

What are my Fixed Rate Saver maturity options?

Approximately two weeks before your Fixed Rate Saver reaches the end of its term we will write to you asking you to call us to tell us what to do with your money. You will have the following options:

Reinvest in a new Fixed Rate Saver from the range available on our Savings page. Please note that if you want to add money or make a partial investment, you will need to close your existing account and open a new one. As part of this process your funds will be returned to your nominated account then you will need to arrange the transfer to the new account. If you have a joint account, both parties need to be present when making a request to reinvest your funds. This is for security purposes. You will need to contact us to arrange this. 

Choose to move your money to another account with us or open another account with us

Withdraw your funds and return them to your external bank account (e.g. your current account). You will receive your interest on the maturity date or the next available business day, followed by the rest of your balance within 3 business days.


Please contact Customer Services to provide us with your maturity instructions. You can give us your maturity instructions up to 30 days in advance of your maturity date. 

If you do not contact us with instructions at the end of your account term, your money
will stay in an instant access account at a lower rate of interest until you contact us. We will continue to pay interest on your money at the rate we stated in the letter we send to you before your account matures.


You can now select your maturity options in online banking. Easier and more convenient if you are already set up for this service.

HOW can I set up maturity options in online banking? (as stated by twix a month ago). I cannot call as out of the country - just want to transfer my money OUT



Hi @andy45FR, when you log in to your online banking, click the "Manage Account" button on rate your fixed saver. On the next screen, that button will then say "Maturity Options". Click that and you'll see "Manage Fixed Rate Saver maturity options" on the left of the screen. From there, you'll be able to set the option for the account to close when it matures. Once the account reaches maturity, the interest payment will go as normal by faster payment and the principal (or deposit) will arrive in your nominated account within three business days. 

I wish to roll over my fixed rate saver, which is due to mature next week, into a new fixed rate saver.  However, this option is not available in Maturity options, I only have the option to return the investment and interest to the originating account.  Can you assist please?  

Hi @NORMANLUSH, We will need to speak to you should you decide to reinvest. You can reach the team on 0345 678 5678 (Mon - Fri: 8am - 10pm, Sat - Sun: 9am - 5pm) who will be happy to provide the options available. I hope this helps. 

My Fixed Rate ends this month yet when I try select 'Maturity Options' I receive an 'Opps there has been an error' message before I see anything else. I've even tried in two different browsers. Is this a fault? The interest rate is already showing the lower amount so I need to get this money moved. I've sent a secure email to query this.

Hi @STUkrugen, we have replied to your private message 🙂