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Disputed transactions and Chargebacks

How do I query a transaction?

If you don’t recognise something on your statement, or you have a problem with a retailer that you can’t sort out directly with them, then you can contact us to query, or dispute, a transaction.

You can query a transaction for a number of reasons, including if:

The process we use is called Chargeback. A Chargeback, or transaction dispute, is a process which allows you to ask for a refund when you have a problem with goods or services you’ve purchased with a credit or debit card.

If you successfully request a Chargeback, the transaction is reversed. This means we charge the merchant the disputed amount so we can return it to your account.

You can request a Chargeback on any transaction. However, you’ll normally need to request a Chargeback within 120 days from the date of the transaction you want to dispute. If you bought goods or services that are due to take place more than 120 days after the transaction date, like a holiday or a concert, this can be extended to up to 540 days after the transaction date.

If your dispute relates to an incorrect transaction amount or a duplicate transaction, you need to request a Chargeback within 90 days of the transaction date.

Depending on the reason that you need to dispute a transaction, we might need you to try to resolve the dispute with the retailer first. With all disputes, the retailer has a period of time to challenge your claim. If they have a valid reason to challenge the Chargeback we may have to re-debit your account.




Please can you look into the below as i do not recognoise it:


Transaction code:

**sensitive info removed**0033457


Transaction DateGo to this Link!11/06/2019
Posted OnGo to this Link!11/06/2019
Transaction TypeGo to this Link!Front-end fee
AmountGo to this Link!£18.49
CurrencyGo to this Link!United Kingdom, Pounds (GBP)


Hi there, we'll need to speak to you over the phone to look into this. If you have a current account then call  0345 835 3353 (24/7), if you have a credit card then call  0345 300 4278 (24/7). My colleagues will confirm some details and see what we can do to help - John

I've been charged interest on my latest statement and despite "tweeting" to get an answer it appears comments can't be made in depth so need someone to check please. Can someone help

Hi @lainey1605, I'm afraid that we also can't confirm account specific information via this channel and I would need to ask you to call us on  0345 300 4278 (24/7) to discuss.