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Credit Cards

What happens if I have forgotten my PIN?

If you have forgotten your PIN you will need to order a PIN reminder. This should arrive within 3 – 5 working days and can be requested by logging in to to your Online Banking. Once logged in:

  • On the My Overview page, scroll down to find your credit card account and click on the white arrow within the blue box.
  •  When the blue box expands, please click the 'Manage Account'. From the list available, select Get a Credit Card PIN Reminder.
  • Please check your address then click Submit.

If your PIN is blocked you will need to call us to unblock it first. Our Customer Service team is available on 0345 300 4278* and open 24/7.

Please note, once you have received your new PIN, you are able to change this to something more memorable at any ATM.

Calls may be recorded. *This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.