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I have a Premium Credit Card, when do I get my bonus Tesco Clubcard points?

Once you qualify for the offer, your bonus Clubcard points will be added to your Clubcard account within 45 days of the end of that year. The year runs from the day you opened your account to the anniversary the following year.


Why does it take 45 days to post the 5,000 bonus Clubcard points? That seems an unreasonably long amount of time and means one will more often than not miss the next Clubcard statement so that one cannot benefit from the points for up to five months. The day to day crediting of Clubcard points for spend on the Premium Card works really well now, so this long delay seems bizarre.


Also, it has been promised since last September at least that there will be some sort of regular statement to confirm the Tesco spend so one can be sure one is on track to reach the £5,000, but there is no sign of it.  When will this be provided?

@JeffdeB, I'm trying to fathom this too! I signed up for the premium card last year during the eligibility period for the 5000 point welcome bonus which I never saw credited to my clubcard account. I called both TescoBank and Clubcard customer services and both couldn't tell me how it worked. I am hoping that you comment means that I will see both the welcome and spend bonuses miraculously appear 45 days after my card anniversary. Can't agree more that the lack of a spend tracker is a real let down! I have a BA Amex to collect avios and it's totally joined up! Giving you daily points tallies throughout a month and detailed spend and points statements. I'll keep chasing both parties and report back if the mists of confusion evaporate.


Hi @judgejudy and @JeffdeB,


I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed with the timescales, part of the reason, is that any refunds that you receive for returned items will be deducted from your total spend in that year so we have to allow some time to ensure the full spend has been achieved. Also our standard timescales for points is 6 weeks, although, if you miss the statement period you can still access the points online via


I'll certainly feedback the fact that you'd like these sooner and if there's anything else we can help with from our end please let us know 🙂


- Michelle


Hi @MichelleC, I contacted the guys at clubcard and they have confirm that i have NOT receive my welcome bonus of 5000 points, can you confirm that this is expected and that i will get these at the 45 day post card anniversary trigger date. All so numerous other points systems reward their bonuses/incentives when the target spend is reached, not post the card/offer anniversary date, surprised this isn't something that partner companies under the Tesco brand considered.


Thanks JJ

I'm sorry to hear that the points haven't been added @judgejudy. To have this investigated and have the points added, call our team on 0345 300 4278, available 24/7, and my colleagues will be able to take this further for you. 

Hi, i have recently switched from HALIFAX to Tesco Bank and im a Tesco colleague, when can i expect my 5,000 clubcard points?

Hi @sydney005, you should expect the points to be added within 6-8 weeks from a completed switch taking place. I hope this information helps


      Thanks for above info. My second year's annual fee of £150 has just been charged to my account but I am still awaiting my 5,000 bonus Clubcard points, having passed £5,000 in Tesco only spend according to my Tesco Bank Statements.

Couple of queries please :

1. If I cancel my Premium Credit Card now, will I still get my 5,000 Clubcard bonus points in 6-8 weeks ?

2. If I cancel my Premium CC I believe I will receive a pro-rata refund of annual fee. This is according to Twitter replies I have noted. Is this correct ?

Thankyou. H A W

Hi @HeadAboveWater, thanks for your message. Any points that you have accrued will be honoured, even if you close the account. And you are correct when you say that we will pro-rata the annual fee refund, I hope this helps 🙂

👍  😀  Thank you @AinsleyC