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How do I know if my card is a Contactless card?

If your card has this symbol on  contactless-card-tiny.jpg, it's contactless.


You can use your Contactless card wherever you see the contactless symbol.




Please note: Before you can use your card to make a contactless payment, you'll need to have activated it and used it with your PIN (either to buy something or at a cash machine). This is an added security check to protect you.


Find out more about contactless


You're not able to issue contactless credit cards, so your second sentence is misleading.

Fair point @Blackers800 Smiley Embarassed


I think it was meant as a generic reference to the Contactless symbol

How long after using a replacement card with the PIN does contactless become active? I used my card yesterday with the PIN and went to use it contactless today and it didn't work?

Hi @mdjennings, I'm sorry to hear this hasn't worked! It sometimes takes a couple of attempts at using your card with the PIN before contactless is activated, so I would pay using your PIN again and if you're still having issues using contactless, please get back in touch. I hope this helps!