• Can I claim for damage caused by weather?

    Yes, providing the weather event meets our definition of a storm:

    A single violent weather event with wind speeds exceeding 55mph, and/or snowfall exceeding 30cm in depth within a 48 hour period, and/or torrential rainfall at the rate of at least 25mm per hour.

    If the weather event meets the above definition, we’ll appoint a partner from our building repair network to assess and validate the damage to ensure your covered.

    You’re not covered for:
    • loss or damage caused by a weather event that does not meet our definition of a storm
    • pre-existing issues and/or weaknesses to your property that were highlighted by the storm damage
    • loss or damage to gates, hedges or fences
    • damage caused by water entering your home from the outside, unless the weather event meets the definition above

    If we have to decline a claim for something you’re not covered for, a record will be made on the Claims Underwriting Exchange which is visible to other insurance companies. It’ll also be noted on your policy schedule as a ‘notification of loss’.

    We know making a claim can be a distressing experience and our claims team are on hand to support you if you need it. To find out who you need to call please visit our Home insurance claims: how to claim page.

    This answer relates to standard policies from 25th May 2020 onwards. For Finest policies and policies before 25th of May 2020 please refer to your policy booklet.
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