• How can I view my Car Insurance documents?

    You can view your Car Insurance documents 24 hours a day via Your Insurance Account.

    Not yet registered? It only takes a few minutes to register and you can view, download and print any of your policy documents straight away.Once you've logged in to Your Insurance Account, select the relevant policy.

    You can access your documents by selecting 'View documents' from the home screen where you will be presented with a list of your documents and the dates they are valid from.

    Documents by post:

    Documents sent in the post can take up to five working days to arrive.

    Please note, when checking your documents you must ensure all your information is accurate and up to date as any incorrect information could leave you uninsured.
    This answer specifically relates to Tesco Bank Car Insurance. For an answer relating to Tesco Bank Box Insurance please select the Box Insurance FAQ category or try using the search box at the top.
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    1. taffgtaylor -
      I have registered for Tesco Bank, I can not register for my Insurance docs. I have filled in every box correct, though is askes for policy number, on mt policy it onlt shows "CERTIFICATE NUMBER"
    1. ChristinaG -
      Hi @taffgtaylor, thanks for your message. Please send us a private message to @Tesco-Bank so we can help.
    1. Harrythehud -
      Hi I have just renewed my car insurance. If I try to view the documents they are downloaded to my device not displayed, and although they say they are pdf format, none of the pdf readers I have can even open them. How do I request paper copies ?

    1. ChristopherP -
      Hey @Harrythehud, if you send a private message to @Tesco-Bank, we'll arrange that for you - Chris
    1. NeoSigrid -
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