Collect up to 5000 Tesco Clubcard points in our new trial
24-02-20 , 13:08

This year we’re back with a fresh idea – we’re ready to trial something new in the Community.

Helpful members could collect up to 5000 Clubcard points each month

From today to 31 May 2020 we’ll be rewarding our most helpful members with Tesco Clubcard points. We want to try this out as a way of saying thanks to members who help others by sharing useful tips, advice and knowledge. There’ll be a variety of ways for members to collect up to 5000 Clubcard points each month.

What can you do to get a reward?

Our Community Managers will be on the look-out for members who deserve a little thank you from us.

  • We’ll be giving between 50–500 Clubcard points if you earn certain badges.
  • There’ll be 100–1000 Clubcard points for creating new ‘accepted solutions’. When a member posts a new question, the ‘accepted solution’ is the best answer chosen by our Community Managers from the responses given.
  • And we’ll have a monthly spot prize for Most Valuable Poster (MVP), with an award of up to 2500 Clubcard points.

All rewards will be given at the discretion of the Community Managers.

A few things you need to know

This is a limited trial – we’re running a test to see how things go.

​​​​​​​The total number of Clubcard points awarded each month may vary, and our Community Managers are not obliged to give out Clubcard points.

To collect Clubcard points, award winners must have a valid Clubcard number in their own name and just one Your Community profile.
Tesco Bank colleagues can’t receive awards this time. T&Cs apply.

Stay tuned for more updates.