Hi folks - we've closed recruitment for the BETA Group. We will open it up again later in the year. Please watch this space, Jamie.
Last year in The Community, we launched a Beta Testing Group – offering customers an opportunity to get involved in testing our new look Online Banking before it was available to all Tesco Bank customers, and then provide feedback. By doing this we were able to tailor the development, ensuring it not only met our customers’ needs, but was easy to use.

Last year’s beta group was the first time that we'd carried out this type of activity and we were delighted to see how willing customers were to get involved and help shape our services.

Building on this success we have decided to relaunch, enabling more customers to get involved. This year, we plan to expand the scope of the beta group, meaning that more and more functionality for Online Banking and the App will be tested in this way, including potentially an entire App re-design, digital PIN number reminders and the ability to update your personal details in-App. By doing this, we hope to gather even more insight which will help us continually develop and refine our products and services, ensuring that they not only deliver great value, but also exceptional service.

We believe that you, our customers, offer a great wealth of knowledge and understanding through your own experiences of using our services. This is why we established the The Community site, providing a platform for all Tesco Bank customers to find out information, as well as sharing their thoughts, views and expertise. Today, thousands of Tesco Bank customers are registered on Your

Community and we see on average over 250,000 visits to helpful content each month.
If you are interested in getting involved please comment below this article to say that you are! You will need to register to comment. We'll then reach out to you by private message to get some details and set you up with a beta version of Online Banking and/or the Mobile App depending on what you use now.