Here are our June winners
22-07-20 , 17:48

Another month has flown by – we can’t believe the trial has now been running for 4 months. We hope you’ve enjoyed being part of the story so far. We’ve loved seeing how you’ve all been getting involved. Do you have any thoughts on how it’s gone, or ideas around what you’d like to see in the coming months? We’ll run a survey to get your feedback soon, but feel free to leave a comment below in the meantime.

We’ve created a separate post with everything you need to know for claiming your Clubcard points. Remember that you’ve got 30 days from the date of this post to claim your prize.
Right, let’s get down to business… On to this month’s Clubcard point winners. We have 39 users to reward this month – some of you with multiple prizes for a whole host of shiny new badges. This month we’re delighted to be awarding a whopping total of 25,350 Clubcard points.

Badge winners
This month our prizes are from 150-500 Clubcard points per badge. Our June winners are @mstollery @Lesleya70 @sadia76 @TwistedKiwi63 @Curtains1 @watsonm13 @blankboyy @Diabson @karisjade09 @Ingrid40 @benwillisben @Gorrilla27 @PaulMac8 @icedchetty @LisaRawashdeh19 @Jintymac @JPoterucha @berry61 @kbathia @Lambeth @Tommo85 @sadgran @Witter @Annieslist @malctalk @Grandmaswagg1 @Jasonm @Hobohobo @Sheena1975 @KHalla @Katylg94 @25H @RickVigorous @Degsy @pegerton @Gills1901 @heanor_man_34 @john188

Top contributors
We tried to shorten this list, but then realised we couldn’t, so we decided to award four users 1500 points each this month. @Sheena1975 @Gills1901 @Grandmaswagg1 @heanor_man_34 ... You’ve visited us more than 50 times this month and created some great new topics. With 25 replies and 13 new badges between you, and masses of kudos given to support other members, you deserve a huge pat on the back.

Most valuable posters
It wouldn’t be another month in the trial without recognising @25H and @CSKBrambles for your amazing efforts. June was another great month – 380 visits between you, almost 40 topics started, over 100 likes from other users, and 39 solutions authored. Thanks so much for everything you’re doing to support Your Community - we’re really happy to acknowledge your hard work and dedication.
Remember, our MVPs only joined Your Community in the last few months - there’s nothing stopping you all getting involved and helping others in the same way. You could be in with a chance of winning some points next month!
How to collect your Clubcard points
Here’s how to claim your Clubcard points.
Thanks again everyone and we hope you enjoy spending your points. Let us know how you’ve used them so far in the comments below.