And the August winners are...
15-09-20 , 15:22

Can you believe it’s already September and our Clubcard trial is now in its 7th month? You’ve all been using it so much and given such great feedback that we’re excited to tell you that we’re going to extend it until 30 November 2020. Thanks for everything you’ve done and for helping each other so much.
Now for our winners, I’ll jump straight to it!

We’ve got 32 winners this month and some of you have more than one prize. Don’t forget you’ve got 30 days from now to snap up your prizes. If you need a reminder of how to do that you can check out our post on claiming your points.

Badge Winners
We’ve got 29 badge winners this month, each of you get from 200 to 500 points each. The winners are @svasishta @Kerry1983 @rosie44 @CSKBrambles @25H @nzh @End_TV_Lic-fee @Roger596 @maximoo62 @Shunter1 @ukbob @Missauk @CW-39 @queenofironing @Teresa @BaldEagle69 @Sm3g @Jules75 @KT14 @Grandmaswagg1 @Shadgrind @jonkemp07 @pennyJ @pcoventry76 @wcevans1978 @malctalk @TraceAT @Sheena1975 @stephc2929.
We give out different badges each month. If you want to find out more check out our terms and conditions for the trial.

Top contributors
Our top contributors this month are @Sheena1975 @baldeagle and @heanor_man_34.
Thanks so much guys, you really are amazing. You’ve each won 1500 points, that’s £15 worth of points!
We’re so thrilled with everything you’ve done for the Community. Seeing you helping others and sharing your experiences makes us feel blooming wonderful. Keep up the great work, we can’t wait to see more of this over the next few months.

Most valuable posters
We couldn’t let another month go by without giving props to @25H and @CSKBrambles.
They’ve earned so many shiny new badges this month – including some we’ve never given out before. Thanks so much for all your hard work helping people and getting stuck into conversations.

Now all you need to do is decide how you’re going to spend your points. We’ve already seen some chat from people sharing their ideas. Don’t keep it a secret, tell us how you’re going to spend your prize in the comments below.

And for anyone just starting out, remember there’s loads of time to get stuck in. Share some advice, offer a bit of help, or just have a chat in our off-topic board. Every time you take part you’re in with a chance of winning some Clubcard points.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.
If you’ve got any feedback or questions just let us know in the comments below, or send a private message