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    A word or two of thanks
    25-09-20 , 15:02

    Just wanted to thank Tesco banking staff for successfully resolving my chargeback. It took longer than it should have and some prompting on here was required but I am pleased to say I got all my money back. Disappointing that I had to resort to this action however once the airline stopped communicating with me and decided they were happy to break the law and hang onto my money there was no other choice. Thanks again
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    Re: A word or two of thanks
    25-09-20 , 16:53

    Hi , thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. I am pleased that we were able to assist you here with your chargeback claim.
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    Re: A word or two of thanks
    25-09-20 , 18:23

    Hi That's great!!!I'm really pleased to hear that you got your chargeback successfully resolved and that the community were of help to you to get all of your money back.Thank you for taking the time out to let us all know Have a lovely weekend, Caz
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