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    Request a new card
    24-04-20 , 17:18


    So my card for my account (joint account with husband) is expiring this month.
    He has his new card, but mine didn't arrive. I have since checked and realised I didn't change my address when we moved, meaning my card will have been sent to my old address.

    Is it possible to have a card sent to my new address (which I've now updated).

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    Re: Request a new card
    24-04-20 , 18:49

    Yes, but you would need to call to get a card and make sure they cancel the old one.
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    Re: Request a new card
    24-04-20 , 20:03

    Hi , thanks for getting in touch. If you can give us a call, our team will be able to order a new card for you and update your address. For Credit Cards its 0345 300 4278 (Mon - Sun: 8am to 7:30pm) and for Current Accounts its 0345 835 3353 (Mon - Sun: 8am - 7:30pm)
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