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    Covid-19 and Google / Samsung Pay
    08-04-20 , 21:07

    With the risks around Covid-19 why has Tesco not introduced Google and Samsung Pay to Android devices and wearables?

    Surely, Tesco has a Health and Safety Duty of Care to it's customers and providing Contactless using these approaches is taking an ethical and responsible stance?

    I'm even trying to use a Tesco Credit Card??
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    Re: Covid-19 and Google / Samsung Pay
    09-04-20 , 16:45

    Hi , thanks for getting in touch. We don't currently have plans to support Android Pay, I'm sorry for any disappointment this causes. You can still use your credit card for contactless purchases of up to £45 - Caroline
  • kevinbwfm

    Re: Covid-19 and Google / Samsung Pay
    01-08-20 , 14:09

    but using Samsung pay allows purchases above £45 without having to key in or touch the shop terminal. I've been very supportive of the tesco credit card, but now I use a santander card via Samsung pay for purchases above £45. it really is time tesco took the step to android pay.
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    Re: Covid-19 and Google / Samsung Pay
    01-08-20 , 14:56

    Hi ,
    There’s currently no plans for Tesco to support Android Pay, I'm sorry for any inconvenience this causes. You can use your credit card though, for contactless purchases of up to £45.
    Regards, Chris,
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    12-05-21 , 09:45

    Same stock response trotted out again. This is very poor on Tesco Banks part. With the majority of devices sold in the UK running Android it seems odd not to support it. I personally much prefer using Samsung pay to contactless card payments that are highly vulnerable to exploitation on stolen cards. I often nolonger carry my cards and rely solely on my phone to pay. With the biometric authentication it is much more secure than a pin for a card too. Tesco Bank should remember that people are more likely to change their credit card than switch phone ecosystem.
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    12-05-21 , 13:42

    Hi @AngloDutch , I'm sorry to hear this. I'm afraid that this isn't something we will be supporting at the moment but I will get your comments logged as some feedback.
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