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    Stopping company taking credit card payment
    05-04-20 , 17:59

    I have paid a deposit with a cottage hire company & now want to cancel the holiday in June (due to self isolating /covid19), but they want me to pay the balance by the 11th April & say they will use my credit card details to take the money. How do I stop this payment?There are multitudes of people trying to get refunds out of this company, to no avail, so I do not want to pay hundreds of pounds with no hope of a refund!
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    Re: Stopping company taking credit card payment
    05-04-20 , 18:38

    Hi , so sorry to hear you can't go on your holiday and I hope you are all well again soon. I'm afraid there isn't really a way for us to stop this payment as you have provided them with the details they would need to debit the charges. You would be best to consult any travel insurance you may have on this occasion
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