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    Re: COVID-19 (coronavirus) information - Online Banking and Mobile App is a SCAM
    08-04-20 , 17:08

    Well, when i read it i thought its too good to be true. And i was right. Tesco bank lies to you. It's a scam!It#s been 3 weeks since I have completed online form for 2 months holiday for both credit card and a loan. Than i had an e-mail from Tesco saying that it's best i cancel direct debits with them while they are looking into my application and so money are not leaving my account. So i followed the instruction...1 weeks later they fined me £12 for late payment even tho Gov.UK stated that no banks will charge you for missing or late payment during epidemic time BUT THEY DID!!!!Than another e-mail followed telling me to pay a monthly payment for the loan or they will report me to the agency and it will affect my credit score!!!WHAT A LAIRS. DON'T TRUST THEM, THEY WILL SCREW YOU UP EVEN IN THIS HARD TIMES. BANK ARE HERE TO TAKE YOUR MONEY. TESCO IS A SCAM!!!
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    Re: COVID-19 (coronavirus) information - Online Banking and Mobile App is a SCAM
    09-04-20 , 16:30

    Hi , I'm sorry to hear that. All fees will be refunded when we implement the payment break, please don't worry. It's confirmed on the link you follow to complete the payment break that correspondence will still be sent out that you've missed payments as we can't stop this, but you can ignore it and it won't affect your credit file. To confirm, the payment break is for 3 months and you won't need to pay late fees during this time; they will be refunded. I hope this clarifies things for you - Caroline
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