Terms & Conditions - Your Community Clubcard trial
24-02-20 , 13:37

  • The ‘Community Clubcard Trial’ will end on 28 Feb 2021
  • Your Community members who help other members with their questions and share answers from the Community knowledge base (FAQs) will be in the running to receive Clubcard points
  • We’ll look at the badges achieved, questions answered and the overall contribution of a member – awards will be at the discretion of our Community Managers
  • You can collect between 50–500 Clubcard points if you earn certain badges
  • You can collect 100–1500 Clubcard points for creating new ‘accepted solutions’ or being a top contributor. When a member posts a new question, the ‘accepted solution’ is the best answer chosen by our Community Managers from the responses given
  • And we’ll have a monthly spot prize for Most Valuable Poster (MVP), with an award of up to 2500 Clubcard points.
  • Your Community members can collect Clubcard points up to a maximum of 5000 Clubcard points per calendar month
  • Your Community members who receive an award must have a valid Clubcard account and just one Your Community profile
  • Tesco Bank colleagues are not eligible to receive awards
  • Only one Clubcard number can be associated with each Your Community profile
  • The total number of Clubcard points awarded each month may vary, and our Community Managers are not obliged to give out any Clubcard points each month
  • Our Community Managers will announce the members who’ve been awarded Clubcard points at the end of each month, and reserve the right to disqualify any member from receiving awards. Anyone who breaches the Community House Rules won’t be eligible to receive an award
  • It’s anticipated that Clubcard points will be fulfilled within 60 days after the member’s Clubcard account number is provided (this must be done within 30 days). As this is a manual process for the duration of the trial, this timeline is subject to change