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    I can see there are five boards, Getting Started, News, Help, Comment and Mobile Apps. I just recently realised if I'm down in one of those boards, the only way to come back up (apart from the browser's Back button, but I might need to press that many times), is to click on 'Knowledge powered by you'. So effectively, 'Knowledge powered by you' represents the top level, or is a label assigned to it. Could 'Knowledge powered by you', for clarity, be renamed 'Knowledge powered by you - Top level', or something like that, to indicate that that's the way to go to the top level? As for a new user, as I recently was, it's quite hard to see how to 'back up', and without a proper label that takes a long time to realise. Hope that helps.
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    Hey thanks for that.
    We'd been looking at changing that name actually. So your post motivated me to get it done. It should now say 'The Community'. So hopefully this makes the breadcrumb easier to make sense of. Thanks again for giving us that feedback. :smileyhappy: