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    Best Answer Tesco Pay+ App Slow on Android
    09-07-19 , 11:33

    Hi I just wanted to raise the issue of the loading up speed for the 'Android' version of the Tesco Pay+ app. The app has been getting slower for quite a while now but now it is just extremely slow and takes about 10 seconds to load the QR code. I don't think its a phone issue as I have also checked with others on the Android phone. Is this getting fixed anytime soon? It is too slow for both myself and the checkout staff to wait. Thanks. Phil
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    Best Answer Re: Tesco Pay+ App Slow on Android
    09-07-19 , 12:03

    Hi Phil, sorry to hear about this. You would be best contacting Pay+ directly, I've attached a link below with their contact details. They also have Twitter if you want to contact them there, their handle is @TescoPayPlus. I hope this helps.

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