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    Car insurance business insurance coverage
    05-04-19 , 09:07

    Could someone please advise if car business insurance 1 covers travelling to conferences, training venues, airport car park and train stations for business meetings? Also travel from one office to another company office?
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    Best Answer Re: Car insurance business insurance coverage
    05-04-19 , 12:34

    Hi there, thanks for your message. Yes, this is all covered with Class 1 business insurance. I hope this helps :)!
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    24-05-21 , 15:04

    I'm not sure about this, because it all depends on the financial policy of your company. I think you should consult with the factoring company that oversees your company. It often happens that for the sake of economy, the directors of companies either set a limit on movement or do not provide for this kind of spending at all. But a reliable and high-quality service factoring company advises to make a section on the movement of employees in spending. Consult with several factoring companies in New York and then you will definitely find the answer to your question.
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