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    Just thought I'd bring this website "" to everyones attention. It is a fraudulent website that appears to be linked to several others using the same email address "".

    Nobody gets goods after ordering.

    Following my transaction Tesco contacted me to see if the transaction was legitimate as it was from a Chinese website. I had ordered something but hadnt realised it was a chinese site and hadn't received any sort of orderconfirmation so suspected it was fraudulent.
    On that note I told tesco whilst i had ordered I suspected it was fraudulent and requested they cancel the payment.
    Apparently there's nothing Tesco can do so they just let them take the money. My own stupidity for ordering i guess but the site looked ok to me so as far as i was aware it was secure.
    I did suspect the .xyz domain but googled it and found on Wikipedia that it is actually quite common & fourth most popular domain.
    Now some dodgy Chinese thieves have my credit card details, address & CVC code.

    Anyway, be careful as Tesco will let them take money and you'll end up needing to pay it back when statement arrives.
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    Hi , I'm sorry to hear about this. If you authorise a transaction on your account, we are unable to cancel this at a later date I'm afraid. However, if you don't receive the goods/receive something else, we can look into disputing the transaction for you. You can find information about the steps to take here: Alternatively, you can call our Disputes Team on 0345 366 2711 (Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm, Sat: 9am - 2pm) who will be able to have a chat with you about our process and how we can arrange to get this refunded.