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    Fraudulent credit card
    25-01-19 , 19:57

    iDoes anyone know how to contact Tesco ref fraudulent credit card use. Incredibly theres nothing on the website and Ive now rung 4 different contact numbers and none of them give me the 'suspect fraudulent use' option and twice I've been cut off at the end of the options.Unbelieveable - now incredibly frustrated!!
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    Re: Fraudulent credit card
    25-01-19 , 20:28

    Hi , I'm sorry to hear this. Please give us a call on 0345 300 4278 (24/7) and my colleagues will be able to look into this for you. If you can't find a relevant option on the automated service please follow the 'lost or stolen card' option and this will pass you to an advisor who will be able to help.
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    Re: Fraudulent credit card
    23-04-20 , 08:18

    surely on the back of your card-it provides the number for lost/stolen card and whilst you may not have "lost" your card, your details have been "stolen". There is even a number if you are over seas. This takes you to the dispute team, maybe as you were upset, your mind was not open to other words that are used on the phone options, hope you got it resolved.
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    Re: Fraudulent credit card
    03-05-20 , 09:40

    Hi lostheplot, i hope that you have got this sorted now, the best number to call is 0345 300 4278, then choose the lost or stolen card option. Best wishes.
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