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    Payment by bank tranfer
    10-01-19 , 21:00

    What the hell is it with this website. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is hidden and difficult, except adding to the balance owed. There is no way that this is by accident, it is deliberate. This whole site is engineered to make managing, and -more importantly- paying off of low interest debts difficult. You just want us to default back onto high interest, Well, I am on to you Tesco, you do not fool me. I normally do all right with any website, I am not stupid or IT illiterate. I have a First Class (with honours) Science degree. You people are out to get me.

    Now, my question: what account number and sort code can I use to make a payment to my Tescobank credit card, please? This is not an option in the menus, I see only debit card and direct debit. EVERY OTHER legitimate financial device on Earth has a bank transfer option. It is unforgiveable that you are hiding this. The only reason you are hiding this, is because you want my debit card details, and I do not want to give you my debit card details. Because of everything I encounter on this site, I do not **bleep** trust you.

    Please tell me the details I need to do a bank transfer. Just post them on screen, it won't kill anyone. You might also like to tell me where the information is hidden on thsi site. I will be amused to see the steps I needed to take to find them for myself. Shame on all of you for being part of this. It disgusts me.
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    Re: Payment by bank tranfer
    10-01-19 , 21:13

    Hi there, I'm sorry that you've found our website difficult to navigate. We try to make our website easy to use, but I can see that we've let you down here. We'll take your feed back on board to make improvements in the future. Please rest assured, there's no 'conspiracy' or business tactic specifically to force our customers onto a higher rate of interest. We'll always inform customers when rates are changing to allow them to make an informed decision about how to manage their finances. You can actually find the sort code and account number to make a payment on your monthly statement, and we display all of our payment methods there! You can also read a guide to paying your card on this very forum you're using, and the specific article can be found here. You can use this FAQ in the future to find our payment details should you ever forget. I hope this information helps!
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