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    Today’s payment delays have been resolved
    01-11-18 , 14:54

    We apologise to customers whose payments have been delayed today. Payments are now being processed as normal.

    Customers will not experience any financial loss as a result of this issue and we will cover any fees or charges which may have arisen as a result of a late payment.

    If you have been impacted by a late payment fee or any additional charges, please contact us at TBBankingComplaints@i.tescobank.com with the details.

    Thank you for your patience.
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    Re: Information on delayed payments
    01-11-18 , 15:47

    Will this be why a money transfer from cc has not arrived yet?
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    Re: Information on delayed payments
    01-11-18 , 16:01

    Hi Lindsey, thanks for getting in touch. When did you send the money transfer? The normal timescales for a money transfer to credit your account is 2 business days, so it's possible it's still on its way to you - Carly
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