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    Special Delivery Cheque Posting
    02-10-18 , 11:50

    Hi, I sent a cheque via Special Delivery to the Lancing BN11 9YL address. The delivery tracking reveals a signature has yet to be obtained and the item is not yet delivered. Are these items signed for and processed the same day?ThanksNikki.
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    Re: Special Delivery Cheque Posting
    04-10-18 , 17:13

    Hi Nikki, thanks for getting in touch. I don't know the exact processes for how the cheques are received. But we should receive your cheque and then process it the same day. The funds should then be available by midnight the next business day - John
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    30-07-21 , 08:47

    Not necesarry the same day. I remember when I sent my cheque the signature was obtained the next day and the order delivered the next day after that. But you don't have to worry because it's a regular process and it mostly depends on the transportation issues. In some cases you can wait longer, but usually you don't have to wait more than 1-2 days after sending. I did it via china post ems last month and they delivered it in 2 days. Can't say that it's the fastest delivery of all time, but I'm ok.
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