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    Cash transaction fee
    18-06-18 , 10:57

    I’m extremely miffed! Had my credit card 10 years. Never defaulted etc. I have been charged a cash transaction fee for paying a company for financial advice. How can that be construed as a ‘cash’ transaction??Also I’ve been trying to use the website to make a complaint. It just sends you around in circles! Double miffed.
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    Re: Cash transaction fee
    19-06-18 , 11:58

    Hi , I'm sorry you've been charged this unexpected fee on your account. If this has went through as a cash transaction it is likely to do with how the merchant processes the transaction. If you message us on Facebook or Twitter with your details we can process this complaint for you.

    You can also raise this by writing to Tesco Bank, PO Box 27028, Glasgow, G2 9FT, or by calling 0345 300 4278 anytime.
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